Corona SOPS for Tourism in Northern Areas of Pakistan 16/12/2014

Disbelief is broken by God ... After a long wait of 6 months, the shutter of lockdown has finally come down. News of Federal Minister Asad Omar's announcement at a press conference to open tourism spread like wildfire across the country. But the news, which spread like wildfire, chilled the hearts of tourists away from the northern region for several months.

Let's hear the news. Let's see if the impatient tourists fall on the northern areas like hungry lions.

You can say that. That Jumping dangerously to the love of mountain walks

بےخطر کود پڑا  پہاڑؤں کی سیر کو عشق

میں ختم ہوا ہوں کہ نہیں کورونا ہے پریشان ابھی


Seeing so much, man ... The mountains also became disturbed.

Swat, Kashmir, Gilgit, Hunza or Naran

Bumper 2 Bumper car and climbed man to man

Long queues of vehicles ... It was frightening to see the ditch on one side and the walls of the high mountains on the other.

Whether it is Eid or the general holiday of Independence Day, the situation becomes even worse

The people are in a bad mood

Everyone gets tired of exhaustion

In these cases, it is better not to eat

And less. Possibility of getting a hotel room

The coronavirus is not over yet. You must be careful

The government has issued instructions to prevent corona

In which

It is mandatory to wear a face mask

It is important to have a sanitizer with you

Tourist temperatures will be checked at all entry points

It is mandatory for hotel owners to keep data of all tourists according to this

In case of emergency sex, the nearest health center should be contacted immediately

Sick and healthy tourists must be kept separate

DCs, DHOs, etc. will be responsible for enforcing and inspecting

Seek immediate attention if any tourist from Corona is ill

If you want to go with family or small children, please be patient in these holidays now. Save yourself and your family from trouble. It is rainy season. It is raining a lot. Due to single road, there will be long queues.

Don't let your time and money be wasted and you come to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


Above all, another request. Think of this whole area as your drawing-room. Never throw garbage outside here, don't ruin the natural beauty of these areas. Walk around in your beautiful Pakistan, be happy, stay settled, long live Pakistan!