Tour To Naran Kaghan Valley 16/12/2014


Naran Kaghan valley is an Enchanting and Captivating valley of Pakistan that is famous all over the world on account of its Bewitching beauty. Kaghan valley is famous for its mountains, dales, lakes, waterfalls, streams, and glaciers. This valley is such a rich land where every inch and Particle is naturally colored, Brimful with natural Prettiness and Balsamic breeze. Tourism Companies In Pakistan are growing day by day, Ideal tours Pakistan is providing the best services at very reasonable rates of Tourism in Northern areas of Pakistan.

Valley Kaghan is the focus of domestic and foreign tourists due to its Resplendent views, fascinating climate, high mountains, swift river stream and charming Indigo lakes.

The valley of Kaghan is also called the land of the lakes. There are also some beautiful and famous lakes of Pakistan in this valley.

Apologue famed lake Saif ul Maluk is a famous location for the tourists visiting the Kaghaa valley. this is surrounded by impressive snow clad mountains No trip to Kaghan Valley is complete without a visit to the legendary Lake Saif ul Muluk.


Kaghan valley is located in the district of Hazara in the province of Khyber Pakhtun Khwah in the north of Pakistan. In the north of the valley Gilgit, east and in the south, Azad Kashmir, and in the west, Kohistan and Sharan valley are situated. Kaghan valley is associated with the world’s largest mountainous hill called Himalaya. The starting point of this beautiful valley is Bala Kot and the ending point is Babusar. The length of the valley is 161KM from Balakot to the Babusar Paas. The altitude of the valley ranges from 3,250 ft above sea level to its peak height of 13,690 ft at Babusar Pass. The lowest elevated place of  Kaghan valley is Bala Kot and the highest peak of the valley is Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains)  and the total area of the valley Kaghan is 1,1627 kilometers.

Access to valley kaghan.

Kaghan valley is one of the closest to the country’s plain areas. That’s why it’s easy to reach here. There is a 3-hour journey from Rawalpindi to Abbottabad and then Mansehra.The road from Mansehra to the Balakot road turns from the Karakoram to the right, which is 38 kilometers away from here. While the distance from the Bala Kot to Naran is 82 km. If coming from public transport can be reached first Mansehra and then Balakot. From where wagons and jeeps are easily available for Naran. Apart from this, in season (may to September) the PTDC’s coaster flash departures daily from Main hotel Rawalpindi to direct Naran at 9 A.M



Overall the climate of Kaghan is snappy. Apart from a few months of summer, there is frosty weather all the rest year While winter is very cold. Snowfall starts from December and the mountains on both sides of the valley take ice sheet. In December or January, most areas of the valley beneath the ice layers and all the valley connections ahead of Kaghan are disconnected.

As soon as the sun rises in the month of May its heat melts the ice over the mountains. with the arrival of the spring season, the flowers begin to bloom and beautiful birds announce Spring’s arrival with their sweet chirp. in the month of June, only the tops of the hills are covered with the snow and the rest of the valley remains verdant. it is raining here in the months of July and August.


The majority of people in Kaghan valley are very complaisance, Hospitable

and religious-minded These people live very simply, wear simple clothes and eat simple food. Farming and cattle breeding are the major sources of income for them.

Low people are related to employment and business but for a while, tourism has become a major industry here. Hindku is regional language here which is very similar to the Punjabi language. Urdu is also commonly known language there. People

of many tribes, races, and nations live here in which Saeead, Swaati, Gojar, Mughal, Kashmeri and, Kohistani people are included but the majority is of the Gojar’s. After that Swaati people is the second largest nation of the Valley.


There are many hobbies and games available for tourists in Kaghan Valley in which Tracking, Hiking and, fishing are top of the list. Recently, some new games have been introduced. Trout fishing has been the most popular hobbey for the tourists in this Valley. Trout is worldwide famous because of its superior relish. This fish is very cold in the cold water and travels in the opposite direction of the river .Therefore, the nippy water of the river Kanhar is very suitable for its breeding. A permit is required for fishing in kaghan valley which can be obtained from the Fisheries Department in Naran.using shooting material and net for fishing is strictly prohibited. Fishing equipment and rods can easily get on rent from Naran Market.

The Adventure Foundation of Pakistan has recently introduced the game of river rafting. Most parts of  Kunhar river are only suitable for the most players due to its rapid flow But low-trained people can enjoy this game due to lack of drift in some parts of the river near Bala Kot and Naran.The adventure Foundation of Pakistan also provides training courses  regarding River rafting.. Adjacent areas of Naraan, Shogrines and, Sharan are Very suitable for walking and hiking in the forest. Apart from this, Rttli Glli, Srral, Dodi Pt sr, Monawar Glli and Stt Srmala are famous tracking routes. There are numerous occasions for Alpinism lovers in Kaghan vally. Along with difficult adventures like Queen Parbat the easy mountain like Mosa ka Musala is also suitable for alpinism. Jeep Safari in Valley Kaghan is also an interesting hobby and no less than adventure. There are full of adventure jeep tracks to go to different places of the Kaghan valley .

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