Baba Bulleh Shah | Historical Paces in Pakistan 13/02/2019

Shrine Of Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah is historical place of Pakistan and reflection of Islamic culture

 Tourism in Pakistan is growing day by day. Many foreign tourists have visited Pakistan after the easy visa policy by PTI Government and lot of foreign persons are also willing to visit Pakistan 

A Story of foreign female tourist who visited Pakistan. when she visited Kasur city and she went to shrine of Baba Bulleh Shah. it was the visit which broke her into tears and emotional.

I’ve had So many amazing experiences so far here in Pakistan. One that was particularly special was my time at the Bulleh Shah Tomb in Kasur. The shrine was built after the death of The Sufi Poet and people from all parts of Pakistan came to pray there. In Islamic culture, it’s typical that men and women Pray in separate areas. I met the elder who was guardian of the tomb she blessed me, and told me how to pray there. After offering my prayers, the woman informed me she was a descendent of Bulleh Shah, then took me inside the tomb where only men are permitted. This was a HUGE honor and privilege, something unique. Standing in this room, I could feel the intense pulses of energy. My channel was clear and direct. It was a message that all beings would be as one. That there was no separation between you or I. That the veins of life stretched out and connected each of us, flowing the energy of love and oneness. 

I returned back that evening, to continue my prayers in this magical place. And it was then that it struck me so deep. Tears began to role down my cheek. I, as a foreign female, who is non Muslim, have been so accepted into this culture. Without judgment, without question. I’ve been treated as family and given So MUCH love, and kindness, so genuine and pure in heart. My heart hurt. Deeply. Knowing that this world, has such a negative view on Muslim people and of Pakistan. That they have NO idea what Islam is actually about or the true heart of these people. That THEY are the ones terrorizing these beautiful peaceful souls. If they only knew. That Muslims, and Pakistani people, are model citizens for the entire WORLD. For all of humanity.

That Islam is peace and LOVE. And I, traveling as a solo female here in Pakistan, have only received the highest of care and attention, from all people. This is how we SHOULD be to one another. But this is not how it is in the west. There is too much fear, anger, hate. Which is what lead me to my desperate cry on my stories last week. The world needs to wake up.

This is NOT how we were meant to live. And I hope that by me sharing more, that people will be inspired to open their hearts, and to start changing the way they treat others. And this goes from everyone everywhere. We are all equal. Nothing makes no one better than another. No matter what you believe, how much money, education you have, what cast you are from, what you wear or where you’re from. We are all the same. "

~Rosie Gabriel

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Baba Bulleh Shah | Historical Paces in Pakistan

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