11 Lakes of Naran Kaghan Valley 16/12/2014

he Kagan Valley is rich in natural beauty, with giant Malay lakes adding to its beauty. With the exception of a few lakes that are very easy to reach, it has attracted tourists. And some lakes that are accessible to vehicles are losing their beauty due to poor sanitation, but the Kagan Valley. The number of these beautiful lakes is so great that I have not been able to go to Guinea yet. After a little bit of hiking you can still see the beauty of 100% pure natural lakes. If you look at the map of Google Earth, you will see many lakes, big and small, hidden in the mountains where no one has gone yet, even if he has gone, he could not show it to the world.

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Seri Paya Lake 
The famous tourist destination is the beautiful place of Sri Paya , From Shogran. can easily get a jeep. The road is very adventurous. First-time travelers are often nervous. About 40 minutes after the jeep ride to Siri. There is a small lake here. Local language


Which is formed by the accumulation of rain-water The cattle here are used for drinking water.

Paya Lake
Above Siri, there are beautiful foothills. The high and wide mountain plains offer breathtaking views. Even in the middle of these plains, there is a small reservoir of water. Well, this is not a lake. But the local guides take the tourists here on horseback just by saying lake. Most photographers depict water that looks like a lake when viewed in pictures.

Saif al-Muluk Lake
There is a jeep half an hour and a half away from the beautiful and most famous lake Saif al-Muluk Naran with tales of Prince Saif al-Muluk and fairy tales. Years ago, when the fairies of Lahore and Karachi did not come here, looking at its natural beauty, it seemed that fairies would really bathe in it, but now due to the influx of tourists, the hut hotel settlement has become more poor. Mat has created a stinking atmosphere

Anso Lake

Beyond Saif al-Muluk, there is a beautiful area where you can enjoy the natural environment. From here, after a four-hour hike on foot, you reach the tear-like lake, which is covered in snow for 9 months of the year. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Payal Lake

If you go beyond Naran, the natural beauty increases. The road goes down a few yards before Jalkhad. Here and there is a really green cup-shaped lake-like lake. It looks very beautiful in terms of its shape and color. By the way, it can be seen from the road above. Most tourists look at it from above and save it in the camera's eye and move on.


Lulu Sar Lake
The largest reservoir in the Kagan Valley is Lulu Sar Lake. This beautiful blue water lake is about 3 km long. Boating is not allowed here. Can only be reached near the lake. In April-May, as soon as the Naran Kagan opens, the glacier is cut and a path is made here. Ice glaciers are floating in the lake, which offers spectacular views.


Dodi Pat Sar Lake
This whole area is called Dodipat Sir National Park. Beyond Jalkhad comes the site of Basel, from where the trek across the river Kunhar begins on the right. From there, you can visit the lake the next day. Enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty visit this beautiful lake by putting themselves in trouble.

Dharma Sar Lake
Dharma Sar Lake, located at an altitude of about 13,500 feet beyond Babusar Pass, is second to none in natural beauty. One kilometer from Babusar, on the first right, there is a path down where you can go by pocket or bike. After a short distance, you can see this beautiful lake which is still hidden from most of the tourists. Many sins add to beauty.

SambakSar Lake

There is another lake, Sambak, a short distance from Dharma Sar. In other words, in one trip you can see the lakes for days. In the local language, the wall is called Simbak stone and the head of the lake is called that is why this lake is called Simbak head. Due to the high altitude of the two beautiful lakes, they remain frozen for nine months of the year. From late July to September, the green beauty of Haiyan can be seen.


Babu Sar Lake
The most famous of the Kagan Valley is Dar Babu Sar, the route from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Gilgit. As soon as two lakes come near it, the first lake is on the way from Babu Sar to Chilas and the second lake is at the back of the mountain on the left side of Babu Sar Top. Its path is on the other side of the hill. But if you hike for 30 minutes, you can see the lake from the top.

Sat Sar Mala Lake 


After Lulu Sar Lake and before Babu Sar Pass comes the beautiful area of ​​Geti Das. These seven lakes coexist in the mountains of Geti Das. After 3 hours of dangerous hiking, all these tiredness goes away as soon as the tourists see these beautiful seven lakes of nature together.

If you have been to the main places of Kagan Valley. To see more beauty, you can enjoy a few hours of hiking and enjoy the real natural beauty.