Swat Valley Toursit Map 2021 01/06/2021

The Latest and interactive swat valley map is created by Shumile Abbas Rana Trotter Pakistan - Tourism is a growing industry in Pakistan, Every day Pakistanis and foreigners are showing interest to visit the beautiful valleys of pakistan  Swat Valley is Switzerland of Asia, has a lot of potential for tourism. I have tried to show i maximum points of lakes, waterfalls, high peaks, historical places in this Swat valley tour attraction map. Tourists can take a good idea about these places from this map Shumile Abbas Rana Trotter Pakistan. Do subscribe Trotter Pakistan  channel to visit beautiful places of Pakistan 

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Swat Valley Tourist Map 2021

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Swat Tourist Attraction Places 

  1. Malam Jabba
  2. Puchar Valley
  3. Shangla Top
  4. Myadam
  5. Bashgram Valley
  6. Gabin Jabba
  7. Mankyal Valley
  8. Daisan Valley
  9. Boyon Top / Green Top
  10. Ushu Forest
  11. Falaksar Peak
  12. Glacier
  13. Paloga Valley
  14. Shai Bagh
  15. Badawai Pass

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Waterfalls in Swat Valley

  1. Shingrai Waterfall
  2. Jagoro Waterfall
  3. Matiltan Waterfall
  4. Abshar Donchal Jal

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Lakes in Swat Valley

  1. Bashgram Lake
  2. Saidgai Lake
  3. Daral lake
  4. Paristan Lake
  5. Izmis Lake
  6. Kandol Lake
  7. Spin Khore Lake
  8. Godar Lake
  9. Dhamaka lake
  10. Andrab Lake
  11. Kharkhari Lake
  12. Mahondad lake
  13. Saifulllah & Nasrullah Lake
  14. Katora Lake

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Historical Places in Swat Valley

  1. Saido Sharif
  2. White Palace Museum
  3. Butkara Stupa
  4. Nemogram Stupa
  5. Kalam Masjid

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