Easy Rout to Swat The Switzerland of Pakistan | Swat | Malam Jabba | Bahrain | Kalam | Mahodand Lake 16/12/2014

Easy Rout to Swat The Switzerland of Pakistan | Swat | Malam Jabba | Bahrain | Kalam | Mahodand Lake


Due to its beautiful lush land, high mountains, blue water rivers and beautiful weather, every nature lover wants to visit the world famous tourist destination Switzerland. Anyone who wants to travel the world but has to go through a complicated visa process, a huge amount of money. Don't worry. Even if you don't have a complicated visa process and a lot of money, you can still travel around Switzerland.

The Swat Valley, the mainland of Pakistan, is as beautiful as Switzerland. There is also lush land, high mountains, forests, blue water and rivers, beautiful weather and now modern facilities, exquisite and wide roads. Where you can travel to your beloved Pakistan's Switzerland without a visa and without spending a lot of money. Before starting the video, please keep the lovely places of your beloved country clean whenever you visit here.
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Swat Valley is one of the most beautiful and attractive valleys in Pakistan. The easiest way to reach here is the motorway. The best thing is that the Swat motorway has also been built which has made it very easy to reach here and the rush of tourists has increased a lot. Lahore If you travel on Peshawar Motorway, after crossing Islamabad Toll Plaza, first comes Hazara Motorway and then Swat Motorway. This interchange is known as Colonel Sher Khan. The total distance from this interchange to Chakdara is 85 km. This distance is covered in less than an hour. A few kilometers before Chakdara, a tunnel is being constructed in the mountains and the rest of the road has been constructed. A tunnel has been inaugurated which is usable. As soon as you enter the tunnel, it gets dark and the passengers suddenly travel in the middle of the mountain weighing tons which is a memorable moment for new tourists.

As soon as you cross the tunnel, the motorway ends at Chakdara. From here one way to Dir, Upper Dir, Kumrat Valley, Chitral Valley, Kailash Valley. An old road leads to Peshawar and a road to the Swat Valley. The Swat Valley begins about 20 km from Chakdara. Barikot is the first city of Swat after which Mingora is the second and largest city of Swat. Here you will find all kinds of facilities. Where you can easily find big hotels, high quality food, accommodation, jeeps, cars, guides.
The Swat Valley is located in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Its highest peak is Falak Sar. As you enter the Swat Valley, the Swat River flows along the road. ۔ The fast flowing waters of the Swat River accompany you all the way.
By the way, the whole valley is visible, but Malam Jaba, Madinah, Bahrain, Kalam, Osho Jungle, Mahudand Lake, Budgoi Pass, Saidu Sharif, and White Palace are more famous places.

A few years ago, this beautiful Swat valley was seen. In the wave of terrorism coming to Pakistan, terrorists had also taken over here. But the brave soldiers of Pakistan Army sacrificed their lives to save the people of Swat Valley from their cruel and oppressive occupation. Praise be to Allah. Happiness has returned and the construction of modern and wide roads in the valley keeps the tourists busy here. Now the Swat Valley is a focal point not only for Pakistanis but also for foreign tourists. May Allah Almighty keep peace and security in our beloved country. So that we can show the world that Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world.